About Us

Pic: #teamKCN, 6 Jan 2020

Back then, Hong Kong's Minecraft community was a chaos. Conflicts arise from incompatible ideologies. That's when our team decided to start KreemaCraft Network, networking builders and dedicating to the development of Minecraft cities. Throughout the years we've built from a flat piece of land to hectares of skyscrapers. We've made one of the largest urban areas ever achieved in Hong Kong's Minecraft community. Such progress could never be made without the support of our wonderful staff and builder team plus the dedication of our owners towards this Minecraft project. Here they are:

Know the Basics

Server IP: mc1.err404notfound.net [Version: 1.9.4]

Social Media Pages: Click me

Etymology: In "KreemaCraft", "Kreema" means "Creative" in Esperanto, and "Craft" refers to Minecraft the game.

Chinese Name: 創合聯網

Motto: We Strive for Excellence (追求卓越 精益求精)

Head Network Staffs

Server Owner: Terry

Terry is the founder of both KreemaCraft Network and New Millennium City. He is the main contributor of New Millennium City as well as providing technical support to the server.

Vice Owner: Joey

Joey is also the vice owner of KCN and a main developer of New Millennium City. He is in charge of minor technical works and build inspection.

Ex-Vice Owner: Max

Max is the vice owner of KCN and the owner of New City. He is mostly in charge of providing suggestions to network development.

Media Manager: Haomai_TW

Haomai is the media manager of KCN helping us with video and image production. Our fancy posters and stunning videos all come from his hand.

Member World/Server Owners


Light is the founder and the owner of Stardream City. He lead the city and made an important contribution by transforming it to what it looks today.


Muel is the founder and the first president of Night Town. His attractiveness has attracted many builders to Night Town increasing the variety of buildings in KCN.


Kh has been the owner and president of Kwong City since early 2018. He is an expert on a variety of designs such as billbords, bus display boards and rail signage.

Outstanding Builders





United We Stand: our Allies

We believe that we can only be stronger if we are all together. We actively participate in the Minecraft community and had decent relations with other servers or organizations. The tight relations between us and our allies made us closer and more powerful than ever.

Click Me to see a list of officially recognised allies or partners.