Ranks & Commands

This page povides a list of KCN ranks and commands that can be used all around KCN. Click the links on the left to skip to sections.

Global Ranks

Local Ranks

Commands for Players


/spawn: heads to server spawn (Hub)

/menu: opens server menu (teleport to worlds, select actions)

/help: shows a list of available commands

/afk: marks yourself as Away From Keyboard

/helpop: ask for staff assistance

/list: gives a list of online players.

/ping: checks your connection speed with the server.

/ptime: sets your personal time

/realname: enter nickname of a player and it shows its real Minecraft username.


/balance: looks at amount of money you have

/pay: pays money to player


/channel: lists a list of chat channels.

/msg or /tell: sends a private message to a particular player

/r or /reply: replies to the sender of your last private message

/ignore: blocks communication from a player

/mail send: sends in-game email to player. You can send to anyone, even those who are offline.

/mail: shows your mail inbox

/me: type your current status and it shows everyone.


/co i: inspects the block for modification record. Checks for vandalism.

Discord & DynMap

/discord link: Links your Minecraft account to your discord account. Required to use #ingame-chat channel in discord server.

/discord unlink: does the opposite of above.

/dynmap webregister: gives a code to be used in registering dynmap account


/sethome: sets a private teleportation point.

/home: Teleports you to your set point

/delhome: removes your private teleportation point.

/getpos: shows you your current coordinates

/tpaccept: accepts teleportation request

/tpdeny: denies teleportation request

Commands for Members

/nick: sets a nakename for yourself

/tpa: request teleportation to a player

/tpahere: request teleportation of a player to yourself