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Member Server/World

KreemaCraft Network is not just a single server. It is a combination of several member server/worlds. Together we all play a part in making the network a better place for visitors and builders who spend hundreds of hours inside. Being together not only makes us better but you can also benefit from it. With the joint power it would be more easy for you to get visitors and attract builders. By getting around different cities you can also gain experience and improve the building techniques of your fellow builders. 

Starting to be convinced? Read on to find out more.

Server Structure

First it's essential to know how our server is designed. As you see we group most city projects to one "Main Server" for easier management and cross communication. Other servers may join as a whole server depending on their situation. 

Should I join as a member world or server?

This depends on you. If you are a newly established organization or the size is still rather small, then being in main server benefits you the most. If you are already well established with your own system and plugins, then consider joining as member server. You may need to pay server fees if you plan to join as member server.

Still, why join KCN?

Together We Grow

Joining KCN means being closer to other member server/worlds with huge growth potential. It has always been a win-win situation where you can catch up with their growth and benefit from it. Imagine getting more builders from time to time, gaining new styles and ideas. The longer you stay, the more you benefit from us.

Perfect server infrastructure:
Optimized for building

With 3 years of server experience, we totally understand what kind of infrastructure is the best for building servers. Imagine processing millions of blocks within 10 seconds*, and instantly removing thousands of blocks in one go. It definitely is a hassle-free experience for all builders.

*Provided that no one else is performing World Edit

Large supporting community:
Aiding you at all times

As mentioned before, we are more than a network that anyone can start. With experienced builders and advisors from all over the network, we provide a large supporting community for both starters and those who are seeking for a breakthrough. As seen from other successful member worlds, it definitely worths trying.

Grow in your way

We value independence of each member server/world and in most cases we do not actively interfere with them. We do not restrict naming of places with real names, or forcing your builders to build through various mechanisms. We simply help with hosting, and you're the one to make the difference. Our role is to offer assistance and provide suggestions. Unless your world/server got terribly wrong or violated our global rules, we won't actively interfere with your affairs. 

How can I join?

Just drop us a message, and you're ready to go. Be sure to ask for opinion of other server members as it is a huge modification for any server. We will review your application internally to make sure you're suitable to be added to our family. You might be asked for additional information during application. In most cases it's a smooth process, so why not consider this option.