We Strive For Excellence

KreemaCraft Network: the largest City server network

Builders in Mind

We focus on one single thing- creative building.  We're always open to builders, as suggested by the literal meaning of "Kreema" (our network name) in Esperanto ("Creative"). 

Community Driven

Thought of collaborating with the entire community while you build? Here's where we grow our skills and inspire each other. It's a small world but with big hearts.

Unlimited Exploration

With lots of urban areas all in varied styles, there are always plenty of places to visit. Take a train, walk around. There's always a reason to keep exploring.

Server IP: mc1.err404notfound.net (Version: 1.19.4). 

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Night Town: The City of Modernism and Democracy 

Looking to see the best place to live? Jump into Night Town, where dedicated builders craft perfect modern-style buildings. Urban sprawl is recreated in various styles, coupled with detailed interiors and shops for a full experience. Did you know that Night Town is the first fully democratic server in the Hong Kong Minecraft community? Come visit this unique place, not found elsewhere!

Millennia: Metropolis Restructured

Why must cities be all high-density skyscrapers? Our builders now reside all over the world, taking inspiration from different cities and demographics, and have now decided to give this alternative concept a go. Rural development, natural connection. We're still trying it out so why not have a look?

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. 

#teamKCN, the backbone of the Network

The awesomeness of KCN is not just the effort of one person but the joint effort of the great #teamKCN, bringing this unreal dream into a reality. What's it like to construct giant metropolises and craft urban centres ideal for living, even when the Hong Kong Minecraft community is diminishing? Click the button below and learn more about who's behind it.


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