Not whitelisted? Our server implements a whitelist system as we are still under development. Our builders and admins are automatically whitelisted, but for others to visit they are required to apply for a membership. This is to minimize risk of an attack and reduce server load while we perform massive WorldEdit every day to rapidly develop our urban centres.

Why Whitelist?

A whitelist is a main way to allow us focus on city development. Managing players and handling problems use us lots of time which hinders progress and delays projects. To provide a quiet and stable gaming environment for our builders, a whitelist is needed during the period when we undergo development.

When will the server be officially open to everyone?

It won't within a few years as we are still at the starting stage in city development. Occasionally we disable our whitelist and allow all players to enter during events or opening weeks. Follow our social media pages for related updates.

How can I enter?

You may either apply for a builder/admin here or member here. Requirements for builder/admin is different depending on which member server/world you are applying. If you simply want to visit and participate in activities, apply for membership. If you are unsure whether you are a member or not, check it here.

I know a friend who is builder/admin, can he/she whitelist me?

No. All membership requests must be approved by server owner. If you see builder/admin whitelisting their friends, let us know and we will follow up. It is unfair for you if people can sneek through and gain advantage, so always notify us if you spotted these actions.