Law Enforcement

Maintaining Law & Order

The Law Enforcement Department manages, writes and enforces laws all around KCN. Our staffs patrol the server, checks logs to spot rule breakers and protect players. We hope that a harmonious and safe gaming environment can be provided to KCN players by observing the rules.

You can also play a part by reading our rules below. Please note that only global rules apply all around KCN. Other law documents only apply in the corresponding servers/worlds. If you just plan to walk around as a visitor, read the General Rules in Global Rules page.


The department aims to protect the right of every players through regulations.  The following items are the basics of our legal system:


Law Enforcement Dept is committed to act as transparent as possible. Here are our promises to transparency:


Only selected staffs can enforce law. We ensure that all our staffs are accountable of their actions.


Reminder from the Department